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Submission Guidelines

Video Content
Jokes should be short - aim for 15 seconds or less.
Tell only 1 joke per submission/video.
Keep the jokes clean and family-friendly. (No profanity, "dirty," racist, or political jokes, please)

How to Film
You can film using your phone or a camera.
If using your phone, please turn the phone sideways (horizontal).
Film from the waist up, or closer, if possible.
Make sure there is enough light so that you can be clearly seen.
Avoid windows or cluttered backgrounds. A neutral or scenic backdrop behind yourself is ideal.
Wait a few seconds after you press "record" before you begin talking.
Post-Production: Do not add graphics, fade-ins/outs, black screens, logos, branding, credits, or text of any kind to the video.

Filming Tips
Make eye contact with the camera.
Speak clearly and enunciate.
Show your personality and have fun!