Every human gets 10 seconds to make you laugh


How is Today’s Funniest Human chosen?

Each day there are 3 new Contestants for the title of Today’s Funniest Human. The Contestant winning the most votes becomes Today’s Funniest Human for the next day.

How are the 3 Contestants chosen?

The 3 Contestants are chosen by volunteer humans on the Upcoming Contestants page.

Will I see a new Funniest Human every day?

Yes. If not, please refresh your browser or click on the title “Today’s Funniest Human”.

I submitted a video but don’t see it on the site.

Sorry about that. It’s a selective process to get a video shown on the site and there’s no accounting for what other humans find funny.

What is your privacy policy?

Here is our Privacy Policy.

Is the 10-second maximum length for videos strictly enforced?


Why not?

The goal of human.com is to make you laugh. If someone submits a video that is 12 seconds long and really funny . . .