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Every human gets 10 seconds to make you laugh

Performance Art to Make You Laugh

Please think of us as humble human street performers trying to make you laugh.

We wanted a site that would make us laugh. We figured the best way to do that is to make a site to make YOU laugh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the videos on rated?

Videos are rated for a general audience.

I submitted a video but don’t see it on the site.

Sorry about that. It’s a selective process to get a video shown on the site and there’s no accounting for what other humans find funny.

What is your privacy policy?

Here is our Privacy Policy. We do not track you.

Is the 10-second maximum length for videos strictly enforced?


Why not?

The goal of is to make you laugh. If someone submits a video that is 12 seconds long and really funny . . . what can we do?